Sunday, April 26, 2009

MMU library

MMU has a triple storey library with air-conditional, lab, movie room and etc. The name of the library is "Siti Hasmah Digital Library". For me, the environment is quite good and comfortable. Normally, MMU library open from 9am to 12am. During exam weeks, it opens until 2am and I'm sure that it is fulled of MMU students.

Besides that, MMU library also provide locker with security guard. Based on my opinion, I feel that it is still unsafe although there is a security guard. This is because one of my friends told me that, she saw an Indian guy "searching" some of the bags at the locker. The security guard saw what the guy doing but he or she never stop his action.

However, there is a risk to put your bag in any where. So, do not put anything that is valuable in the bag.



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