Monday, April 27, 2009

recently big event

Every year, MMU has a lot of big event organized by different department and different society. Last few weeks, MMU badminton club had organized a badminton open championship 2009 in Yok Bin Secondary School. There are a lot participant from different states or nation take part in theis championship. MMU badminton club had invited few national player during the closing ceremony.

Currently, we are having our consumer fair organized by FBL students and career fair organized by STAD. These two big events are falls on the same days and same venue.


MMU car park

MMU car park is the place that I unsatisfied the most. As you all know, we can only drive into the campus area if we have the car sticker, or else we are not allowed to drive into the campus. For me, MMU car park is quite small. The one I do not satisfied is MMU car park is not big but MMU still provides car stickers that much more than the amount of the parking lots. Because of that, students need to spend a long time to find parking. Without spending more time, most of the students park outside the campus. Because of that, we got a summon if we park besides the road.


MMU toilet

Most of the MMU female toilets are quite clean. However, some of the flush are broken and the toilets have heavy urine smell. Besides that, some of the locks are broken and causes the toilets are "out of services".

When I was in Alpha, one of my friends told me that her lecturer said that there are hunted toilets in 2nd floor, XXX. It is depends on you whether you trust it or not. At once, when I search in youtube, I found a "funny" clip named "hunted Toilet In MMU".

How could it be like that?? Think it yourself.


food court

In MMU, there are three food court located inside the campus area. They are Plaza Siswa food court, Din's Cafe and a cafe beside the exam hall (don't know what is the name). Out of these three places, MMU students, lecturers and tutor prefer Plaza Siswa food court and Din's Cafe.


Plaza Siswa food court placed in the 1st floor of Plaza Siswa building. There are few stalls that selling western food, malay food, drinks and etc. During lunch time, it is sure full of MMU students. The price of those food are acceptable and affordable. For the cleanliness of the food court, I am not really satisfy. Firstly, the floor is so oily and it might cause us slip down. Then, the cleaner does not immediately clean the table after we finished our meal and they just leave the dishes on the table. Sometimes, the cats will climb on the table and eat those waste.

Din's Cafe is the only cafe in the campus. It is selling western food and some of the local food. The price is acceptable and affordable too. The environment is quite clean. However, there will have some flies if you eat
nasi goreng ikan masin..haha..

There is a food court besides MMU exam hall. However, there is only few stall selling food. Normally, only international students and some malay will go there for their meals.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Staff services

Based on my experience, I am quite satisfied with MMU staff services. During the time I have decide to enter MMU, I still remember that I straight away bought my application form from finance department since I am a Malaccan. Finance department staffs are quite friendly and the security guards are very helpful. They guide me and my family all the way to finance department because that was the first time we enter the campus. So, they gave us a good impression. However, there is a staff from administration and scholarship division was so unfriendly and she showed her "smelly face" to us. I have a friend who wish to further his studies in MMU, just because of this staff attitude, he refuse to enter MMU and he said he hates MMU and MMU does not provide good staffs.

As I know, the staff is quite friendly recently. I went for administration division last few weeks, the staff is still there but her attitude had changed. She does not act like before anymore and it is a good change for her. As a conclusion, staffs services is important.


MMU library

MMU has a triple storey library with air-conditional, lab, movie room and etc. The name of the library is "Siti Hasmah Digital Library". For me, the environment is quite good and comfortable. Normally, MMU library open from 9am to 12am. During exam weeks, it opens until 2am and I'm sure that it is fulled of MMU students.

Besides that, MMU library also provide locker with security guard. Based on my opinion, I feel that it is still unsafe although there is a security guard. This is because one of my friends told me that, she saw an Indian guy "searching" some of the bags at the locker. The security guard saw what the guy doing but he or she never stop his action.

However, there is a risk to put your bag in any where. So, do not put anything that is valuable in the bag.